Wednesday, May 1, 2013

boo boo.

The scene: In the hall outside the bathroom before lunch. Little boy walks out of the bathroom and comes up to me.

Boy: Uh...Mrs. Miller? I just boo boo-ed on myself.

Me: (appalled that we're at the END of kindergarten and this kid just "boo boo-ed" on himself) You WHAT?!

Boy: I boo boo-ed on myself.

Me: But you were IN the bathroom.

Boy: I know.

Me: Well what were you doing in there?

Boy: I was peein'...and I didn't really know I had to boo boo. But I did, and so I just boo boo-ed on myself while I was peein'.

Me: (now beginning to smell the "boo boo") Do you have extra clothes in your backpack?

Boy: No.

Of course not. So then I had to write a note to the nurse explaining that my almost-first-grader POOPED his pants. Then instead of just bringing him an extra set of clothes to change into, his mom came and TOOK HIM HOME! Are you kidding?! It was only 10:30!

Note: This same boy peed his pants the very next day. Perhaps he thought he'd get another day off.
Those lucky first grade teachers have some issues coming their way in August.

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