Saturday, April 20, 2013

brown noser. suck up. teacher's pet.

After recess.
We were walking back upstairs to our classroom, when I hear a commotion behind me.
Apparently, one of my little boys had taken it upon himself to pull down a little girl's pants.
All the way.
Down to her ankles.

Let's just say that little boy got into a LOT of trouble.
With me...and in the office...and at home.

The next day, I gave my students a writing prompt during Writer's Workshop.
"If Mrs. Miller gave me $100 I would..."

This is what I got in response from the naughty little pants-puller:

"If Mrs. Miller gave me $100, I would buy two dogs and three cats and I would give Mrs. Miller some of my money to be nice to Mrs. Miller because Mrs. Miller is the best teacher on Earth. Mrs Miller you are the best teacher. I never saw a teacher like you Mrs. Miller. I love you Mrs. Miller. You the best teacher ever. From (student's name). I love you and can you tell Mr. Miller you're the best ever?"

I think it's safe to say that this kid felt like he had some sucking up to do after that bad choice he made the day before. MIGHT have worked.
Just a little :)

xoxo, wife.

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