Monday, April 8, 2013

and then suddenly, my husband became a celebrity.

We were out to dinner the other night when Ty got a phone call from the local news station.
They were doing a piece about deer preserves, and wanted the opinion of a local hunter.
Ty had sent in an email responding to a Facebook prompt about the topic, and then they called him later that night.
The reporter talked with him on the phone for awhile and then asked him to meet her for an interview the next day!

Naturally, I tagged along to that interview. Because how could I pass up the chance to see my husband go from regular joe to superstar!

The reporter was running a little late, so we got to the station and waited in the car for a bit. Then promptly at 6:45, we headed inside the station to where the magic happens.

And then...when those magical doors were locked, we walked back to the car. Clearly, it wasn't time for stardom just yet.
So we waited some more.

But soon enough, it was time for his closeup!
The reporter had him interview outside with trees in the background. Since it was a hunting story, you know. She asked him questions and did her thing. (He even got to wear a fancy mic!)

He seemed a tad bit nervous at first, but after a couple questions, he loosened up and did a great job. The reporter then filmed a very awkward shot of him walking to our car and getting in...I was hoping she wouldn't use that part for two reasons:
1. It was extremely corny.
2. We were driving my car that day and it hasn't seen a bath in about 10 months.

We were told the story would air at 11.
That's LATE for me....but for my star-husband, I would stay up until 3am if I had to.

However...that's not what I was saying at 11:30 when the March Madness game was STILL going on. Ty was asleep on the couch so I was the sole person staying awake to make sure that we saw this dang interview on the news. This was how the last 10 minutes of the game went:

Foul...Time Out...Foul...Foul...Time Out...Foul...Foul...Another Foul...Time Out...
You get the picture.
I eventually had to turn the lights on so I wouldn't fall asleep.
Finally the game ended, players and coaches were interviewed, and the 11o'clock news started at 11:53pm.

But it was all worth it when I saw this stud muffin on our tv:

And then suddenly, my husband reached Star Status.
I may or may not have jumped up and down while shrieking a little bit.
I'm sure E! will be calling us any day now to film the pilot of our new reality tv show.

You can watch the interview by clicking here.

xoxo, wife.

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  1. Well you're officially a dork...but I love you! :)