Tuesday, April 2, 2013

reading with one of my students.

The sentence to be read: The horse went in a little house and said, "What a nice little house!"

Little Girl: The horse...Hey! I love horses. Sometime I pretend I'm a horse. Horses are my super favorite animals. Did you know that?

Me: Uh huh...keep reading.

Little Girl: The horse went in...In! Like you go IN somewhere. After school I go IN my car, and then I go IN my house!

Me: That's right...now read the rest of the sentence.

Little Girl: The horse went in a little....Little! Like it's not big, but it's little! Sometime people call me little. But really I'm big. Because I'm gonna be in first grade soon and first graders are big kids, right Mrs. Miller?

Me: That's right, but in first grade, you have to read whole sentences without stopping!

Little Girl: Oh yeah! Ok. The horse went in a little house and said, "What..." WHAT! That's kind of a weird word. Because it has a "H" in it, but you don't hear it!

Me: Yep...

Little Girl: Kinda like the word "you." That's one of our sight words, remember? And you don't hear the  "o" in that word.

Me (have totally given up on her completing the sentence by now.) You're right.

Little girl: The horse went in a little house. "What a nice"....wait NICE! I'm nice. I like to be nice to people, and it's good to be nice so you don't be mean to people....Hey you know what? Sometimes I turn into a werewolf! But only when it's a full moon. Do you know when the next full moon is? Because I like to know when I have to turn into a werewolf.

Me: Not sure when the next full moon is.

Little Girl: That's ok. Anyway, The horse went in a little house. "What a nice little house", said the horse.

Me: Hey! Good job! From now on, try to read the whole sentence without stopping to tell a different story, ok?

Little Girl: Ok...hey I love unicorns! I think when I grow up, I'm gonna BE a unicorn. Either that or a taco maker, because I really love tacos!

Me: Ok...let's stop there for the day.

It's cute (and funny AFTER the fact)...but part of me just wanted to scream at her to just read the freaking sentence! We only got one stinking page read that day! But when we actually finished the book the next day, it turns out that she's reading at a Level D, which is first grade reading level! So we had a chat about the fact that she's reading at a first grade level, which means she has to read like a first grader now...and she's been reading without stopping to talk about random things ever since!

xoxo, wife.

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