Thursday, April 4, 2013

my husband said the B-word.

We've been married a little less than 3 years.
I was secretly hoping the B-word would never pop out of his mouth.
But the other night it did.
Ty came home and said we should sit down together and talk about a...


I know it's probably a good idea.
But still.
A budget?!
That doesn't sound like fun.
It sounds like something that is going to seriously hinder my shopping hobby.

But I agreed to sit down and discuss it.

It was crazy to see everything all laid out.
This is what we make in a month.
This is what we're going to spend on groceries in a month.
This is how much money we have for gas.
This is how much we'll set aside each month for Christmas, birthdays, etc.
This is what we spend on bills each month.
The list went on and on.

Do I WANT to be on a budget?
Absolutely not.
But are we millionaires?
So we can't just spend money whenever, and not pay attention to where its all going.
We probably should track our spending a little better.

So now I'm going to have to actually pay attention to prices when I shop...eek.

But if not buying a new purse at Target on impulse means that we'll be better set up for our future, I GUESS I can deal with that.

But I'm not saying that I won't whine about it from time to time :)

xoxo, wife.


  1. NO!! Haha...there's no way I could SIGN something like that!

    If you're referring to the picture of Ty writing, he's just figuring in a few other things I thought of while we were discussing.