Saturday, April 6, 2013

shopping is my favorite and my best.

I'm not gonna lie.
I wish I had ten million dollars so I could go shopping every single day for the rest of my life.
Would I need more than ten million for that?
Maybe we should make it 50 million.
Just to be safe, you know?

The Hubs and I went shopping last night.
He's lost some major weight lately and needed some new stuff so he didn't look like a saggy, baggy, hobo anymore.
Just kidding...he didn't look like a hobo. Just saggy and baggy.

I can't let him shop, and not get anything for myself, right?
So I decided to spend some of the money I'd been saving up
We each got some nice stuff.

And the awesome part?
I had moolah left over!

So today I headed to my all-time favorite place on planet Earth for accessories.

Oh, Charming Charlie.
How I love thee.

If you've never been, you need to get yourself to one ASAP.
Everything's all organized by's amazing.
You have to walk through the store about 6 times to make sure you've seen everything though, so make sure you go with plenty of time.

I spent probably 90 minutes in the store, and even made a new friend.
And when all was said and done, I went to the register to pay.

Now since I'm on this new "budget," I was a little nervous upon approaching the register.
Sometimes... Normally Every time I shop, I go over what I'm supposed to.
But I've never been on a budget, so I could just be like, "Oops!"
But this time, I was doing some serious calculating while I was shopping.
But if you know me, you know that my math skills have been lacking since about 2nd grade.
So I was a tad nervous...because what if I had to put something BACK?
I couldn't do that.
I've never done that in my life!

But have no fear, because upon hearing my total, I was pleased to hear that I was TWENTY BUCKS under!
That's when you KNOW my math skills are bad...because I could have gotten even more than I did!

Anyway, I came home with these lovelies after 90 minutes in Heaven.

That's right...I now own a Bubble necklace.
If you've been paying ANY attention in the last year, this orange necklace has been all over the place in many different colors.
I'm pretty sure it originated from J.Crew.
I've been lusting over them for quite some time, but at J.Crew they're $150.
No way.
BUT...Charming Charlie saved my life today and gave me this one for a mere $20.
Thank you Charlie.
You're so Charming.

And now, I think I'll go play dress up.
Either that or start planning what to buy with my leftover twenty bucks.
It's clearly burning a whole through my pink and orange clutch.

xoxo, wife.

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