Thursday, April 18, 2013

nearing the end.

Around mid-April, certain things start happening.
Homework isn't turned in anymore.
Tests aren't studied for.
Kids are hyper.
A tad "out of control," you might say.

"Can we just play outside for math?"
"Do we HAVE to read this book?"
"Why can't we just watch movies today?"
"20 more minutes of recess...pleeeease?"
They plead.
They beg.

And I find myself wanting to give in.
I imagine looking out my classroom window (because I don't actually HAVE a window in my room.)
I imagine the sun shining.
The birds chirping.
The green grass.
The gentle breeze.

And then somehow...I don't feel like planning lessons anymore.
I don't feel like grading papers.
I don't feel like coming up with fun activities to keep 5 year-olds interested.
I don't feel like phoning parents (well I never feel like doing that, but you get the point.)

This time of year, the kids aren't so cute anymore.
They aren't quite so endearing.
Aren't quite so funny.

You know what IS cute, endearing, and funny?
Sleeping in.
Laying out.
Ice cream.
Trips to the beach.
Shorts and tank tops.
Reading books without illustrations and rhymes.

"But it was so nice out! I rode my bike all by myself with no training wheels!"
"So? You still have to do your homework!"

But secretly, I'm right there with 'em.
Because after school I'll ignore the piles of their papers I need to grade.
I won't be on Pinterest finding fun new ways to teach addition and subtraction.
Instead, I'll be lounging around, dreaming of summer.

It's almost's almost time...

And then soon, this season of longing shall pass.
As we near Kindergarten graduation, I'll take back all the wishing for summer I've done.
And I'll begin wishing for just a few more days with my babies.
I'll start to relish every silly thing that comes out of their mouths.
And I'll bawl like a baby when they walk across that stage to get their diploma from me.

But until's still April. And we're all stuck in this rut together, just dreaming of summer.

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