Friday, April 5, 2013

i tried not to be offended...but...

Spring Cleaning is good for the soul.
So I decided to clean out my closet.
I got rid of some nice stuff and some not-so-nice stuff.
And instead of Goodwilling and putting my nice stuff in a garage sale, I decided that I would make an attempt to make a little extra cash on it first.
And then the garage sale could be my last resort.

So I took my nicest things and headed out to Clothes Mentor.
If you don't know what Clothes Mentor is, I'll briefly explain.
Clothes Mentor will pay you cash for your gently used name-brand clothing/accessories.
They don't have to accept all of your items. But they'll make you an offer on what they accept, and you can either take their offer, or pass and keep your items.
I checked online to make sure that the brands I had would be accepted.

I packed up my laundry basket and headed over.

I walked in the door and was promptly informed that it would be about 3 or 4 hours before they were even able to LOOK at my clothes.
Ain't nobody got time for that!!
So I left with plans to return the next day.
Wasted trip.

So today I headed back out.
This time I was told it would be one hour.
So I decided to look around the store quickly and then run a quick errand.
I purposely looked around the store to see what kinds of items they accepted.
As I was walking around I was thinking, "I got this in the bag! Some of this stuff is nice, but some of it is crap!"
They had stuff that looked totally worn out, and things from Wal-Mart and K-mart.
Most of my stuff was like-new, and from stores like Target and Old Navy, which were on the list of "Preferred Brands." Clearly, they would be purchasing all of my items.

I ran my errand, all the while thinking about how much money I was going to get for my super-stylish clothes, and what NEW clothes I'd buy with my major profits.

I went back after my hour was up, and told the lady I was checking to see if my clothes were done.
She brought my FULL laundry basket back.
"We were only able to accept two things, and we have to pass on the rest. Mostly due to demand. We just don't think we'll be able to sell the other things you've brought in."
Excuse me, lady?
This is nice stuff!
Sure, it's not stuff I'M going to wear anymore...but other people would LOVE to own these things!
Did she see my nice boots?
Sure, they're uncomfortable as all get out...but they're adorable!

Then came the kicker.
"For the two dresses we accepted, we can offer you $9.50 total."
Excuse me AGAIN, lady?
Just look at those dresses!
They're really nice!

I stood there (probably gaping....with my astounded jaw on the floor.) But as offended as I was, I took the offer...because DANG IT I wasted 2 trips out to this stinking place, and I wasn't leaving without at least SOMETHING to show for it!
So now I have $9.50.
Can't wait to see ALL the amazing things I'll be able to buy with it.
Stupid Clothes Mentor.

xoxo, wife.



  2. Lisa, my friend Joan had the same result that you had. She took several coats that she had paid a
    lot of money for and they found something wrong with everyone of them. I don't know how they got so
    much junk in their store when they treat everyone like thst.