Wednesday, October 2, 2013

hand sanitizer (or "hanitizer" as the little ones call it.)

At dismissal today, the Spanish teacher came up to me and said, "Um...I don't know if you need to document this or not...but I just caught 'Little Girl' drinking hand sanitizer. Like, she had her tongue all the way in the bottle and was sucking it out of there." She handed me the purse-size bottle, which had less than a centimeter of hand sanitizer left in it.

So I called Little Girl over to talk about it.

Me: Where did you get this?
Little Girl: In my backpack.
Me: What happened to all the hand sanitizer that was in it?
Little Girl (looks down at the floor with guilt) I don't know.
Me: Did you drink it?
Little Girl: NO! I didn't drink no hanitizer!
Me: Tell me the won't be in trouble, but I need to know because it might make your tummy hurt and I should let someone know.
Little Girl looks down and pouts...which tells me the answer, and besides, the Spanish teacher SAW her doing it.

Right about then, the daycare showed up to take her. I told the daycare lady, and she said they'd inform Mom. I was still pretty concerned though, so I decided to call her Mom myself.

Me: Yes, this is Mrs. Miller, Little Girl's teacher. I wanted to let you know that one of the other teachers caught Little Girl drinking a small bottle of hand sanitizer right at the end of the day. If it had been earlier, I would've sent her to the nurse, but it happened right before she left. I just wanted to let you know, because hand sanitizer obviously isn't good for you, and if she was my daughter, I'd want to take her to get checked out tonight.

Mom: She drank hand sanitizer? That's disgusting. Did she drink a lot?

Me: I'm not sure how much was in the bottle before she started, but there's hardly any left now.

Mom: Where did she get the bottle?

Me: It was the bottle she had in her backpack.

Mom: She didn't have a bottle of hand sanitizer in her backpack.

Me: Oh...well then I suppose I also need to tell you that your daughter stole a bottle of hand sanitizer from someone today...

Mom (stifling a laugh) Great....just one more thing to have to worry about! Thanks for calling me. I'll probably go pick her up from day care a little early.

Who drinks hand sanitizer?! I can't even imagine what that tasted like. But then, this is the same girl who snuck one of my glue sticks to lunch to put glue on all her crackers before she ate them.

Oh, Kindergarten. Never a dull moment.

xoxo, wife.

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