Wednesday, October 30, 2013

pumpkin carving 2013

Ever since we started dating, Ty and I have always carved pumpkins together. It's the one thing we I make sure we do every year without fail. We waited until practically the last minute this year (tomorrow being Halloween,) but after work today we ventured out to the picked-over and rotted-out pumpkin patch.

I spy with my little eye...two rotting pumpkins right behind me.

The pumpkin patch lady also threw in these cute pumpkins for free.

I've always wanted a white pumpkin...I've just never bought one before. And this one was free! (Even though it'll probably rot too in about 7 hours.)

Anyway, onto the carving. I learned at school the other day that the fewer lines a pumpkin has, the fewer seeds it'll have. Mine only had about 5 lines on the whole thing. And it only took me about 2 and a half minutes to carve out all the seeds and guts. Not many in there at all! (Tip for the future.)

About halfway into carving his pumpkin, Ty said "Man I totally just messed this whole thing up." 

He didn't like that he made the eyebrows so big. So he pouted for a minute...threw a few cuss words around...and then declared, "I'm doing another face." And he carved another face on the same pumpkin.

If you look closely enough, you'll see the big old eyeball on the side that now looks like an ear.

And here was mine.

And...because Halloween just makes me want to shake my hips (apparently):

This is literally just three pictures in rapid succession. We didn't know what it would look like until we saw it on the computer. And then we laughed a little. Ok...a lot.

Then it was time for the annual photo shoot.

This guy watched us intently the entire time. Abby just paced around the kitchen waiting for us to drop some pumpkin on the floor.

These guys are now sitting happily on the back deck, soaking up an evening drizzle.

Ahhhh. I love pumpkin carving nights.

Happy Halloween!
xoxo, wife.

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