Wednesday, January 8, 2014

he's 27 years old and...

He just had his first job interview yesterday.
First one.
He's been incredibly fortunate up to this point that he's known the right people to get jobs. And then the connections he's made through those jobs have helped him get different jobs.
But today was different.

Now, he's still keeping his full-time job. But he also wants to pick up a small part-time job for some extra money for hunting stuff. Which is actually really respectable of him. Hunting is a really expensive hobby, and he doesn't want to spend "our" money on it all the time. 

So he went in for a job interview with a local gun shop/shooting range yesterday. 
I could tell he was a little nervous beforehand.
But he called me after and was SO excited!
He told me all about it.
The questions they asked.
The responses he gave.
Their reactions to his responses. 
It was evident that he was pretty proud of himself, and that this was a big deal.

I found myself smiling and told him over the phone, "It's kinda cute how excited you are about a part time job interview."

But I guess it's kind of huge if it's the first job interview he's ever had.

He's basically been offered the job, and will work out a part time schedule in the next week or two. The company is pretty much going to work around his full time job and his hobbies, which he's pretty pumped about. And he made a point several times today that he didn't want to work too much because he didn't want it to put any kind of strain on our marriage. So he'll keep that in mind as well.

I tell ya...this kid's a keeper.
Even if it took 27 years for him to go on a legit job interview :)

xoxo, wife.

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  1. Aw, babe thanks. Nice thing is if it gets too busy I can always skip a weekend of softball or weeknight of it or tell shop I can't come in and we slip up to Ludington or something! First thing part time money will do is pay for mount, but after that I feel it would be better suited for house repairs as well, not just my personal hobby. :)