Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a bad case of splints.

Shin splints, that is.

So last time I wrote this great post about working out. I think I mentioned that my legs had been bugging me.
Well they kept getting worse. I was complaining and Ty and I both figured it was just sore muscles.
But then a couple days (and a couple workouts) later I said, "This is more than sore muscles. This is pain. BONES hurt."
Then Ty said that perhaps I strained something.
After I explained it some more he said, "You know, that sounds like shin splints."
So I WebMD'd it.
And by golly, that's what it is.
And it sucks.

I took two days off to rest, because the website said to rest for awhile.
I didn't want to lose my drive, so tonight I thought I'd do the elliptical.
You know, lower impact and all.
After a mile and a half, I noticed that my legs were really starting to hurt.
But I like to end on an even number.
So I decided to keep going until I got to 2 miles.
Bad idea.
After my two miles, I stepped off the elliptical and onto the ground.
And pain shot up my left leg.
You know...the leg that didn't hurt quite as bad before.
And while I was walking up from the basement I realized that I did much more damage.


So now this is me.

Stupid splints.

xoxo, wife.

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  1. Take it easy and rest up, if you start exercising again, only do small amounts for a while to let your
    legs get accustomed to the exercise. Determination, Determination.