Tuesday, April 29, 2014

my first job interview in 4 years.

After 4 years of teaching in an urban charter school, I'm ready to move on.
Ready to grow. Ready to change.
Ready to possibly begin looking for my "forever school."
Today I had my first interview in a really long time.

I spent the day both looking forward to and dreading this dang interview.
I'm ready to start fresh somewhere and rejuvenate my love of teaching.
I'm also incredibly comfortable where I'm at.
(Not to mention I'm a really awkward speaker...and really shy around people I don't know.)

So I got there incredibly early.
And sat in the lobby for about 7 agonizing minutes before the interviewer finally put me out of my misery and took me early.
I knew this was going to be a taped interview, but was told the camera would be hidden.
That darn camera was right in my freaking face...red blinking light and all.

Me: Wow...that thing's like RIGHT there, huh?
Interviewer: Oh, don't worry about it...try to pretend it's not even there!
Me: Um....ok.

As soon as she turned that stupid camera on I turned into a babbling fool.
The first question was so bad that I had to stop and one point and start over because I wasn't making any sense. At about Question #9, I started to relax...but I still wasn't sure if I was giving adequate answers or not. And I started wishing that it would end. Soon.

When she finally finished Question #22, she asked if I had anything else I wanted to say. And I did. My teaching philosophy. Now, when I was in college and had to write my teaching philosophy, it was a good 3 pages long. Mostly because it had to be. But that philosophy has changed so much since 2010. And I was ready to give it. So I did. And I felt like I finally said something right, because the interviewer lady had a huge grin on her face.

After she finally turned the camera off we chatted for a few minutes about my current school and about what the rest of the interview process would look like. When I got up to leave she said that she was "really going to be pushing for me." So apparently I made some sort of impact. Then while I was walking out to the car I realized how incredibly sweaty I was. That was a stressful 45 minutes, I tell ya!

Glad it's over. Won't be surprised to never hear from them again.
But I'm much more prepared for the next interview that comes my way.
I've got a packet going out to a principal tomorrow that's got a first grade position open for next year.
**Fingers crossed**

xoxo, wife.

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  1. The first interview is always the worst. You now have your feet wet (so to speak) so
    I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your future interviewsl
    Love ya