Friday, April 11, 2014

raging anger of a dieting job-seeker

Yesterday I sat down to fill out job applications for next school year.
I already had some stuff filled out, but was waiting on letters of recommendation to finish them.
I scanned everything in yesterday morning, and was ready to start submitting.

However, scanner made my college transcript document "too large" and it wouldn't upload.
So, many of my applications are still sitting un-submitted.
Except Elkhart.

Thank you, Elkhart, for being the one corporation that would accept my large transcript.

I was starting to get crabby. 
I'd been working on applications since 10:00am and it was now nearing 3:30.
I'm currently dieting.
And on Spring Break.
For your information, on Spring Break I want to pig out on sweets. 
But I'm not.
So I was kind of grouchy.

I began working on another corporation's application.
This one had an INSANE amount of essay questions.
Which was making me even more grouchy.
Because they all had to be 1000 characters or less.
Not 1000 WORDS...1000 CHARACTERS.
Do you know how much 1000 characters is?
Like 3 sentences.
For some very important questions.
So I sat there for about an hour and a half and wrote and rewrote the stupid essay answers.
I had finally finished.
I clicked the "next" button at the bottom of the page to continue to the next page.
Then I see this message: "Your application has timed out. Please log-in again."
So I log in again.
All my pages are there...EXCEPT the freaking essay page! An hour and a half of work...gone!

So I sat down and did the whole thing again...and when I clicked "next" again...

Oh, the rage.
Oh, the anger!
I yelled a string of profanities and stormed away from the computer.
Me and my rumbling tummy couldn't take it anymore.
I went to the bathroom.
Checked my social media.
Shot some glaring looks at the computer.
Cursed my stupid diet.
Cursed the sweets that I wanted to eat.
At the end of my fit of rage, this is where I found the dog.

In her kennel...scared for her life. (Just kidding, she wasn't in there because I was stomping around and least I don't think so.)

Then I took a deep breath.
Told myself to "get it together, Lisa."
And decided to get back to work.
However, I made some changes.
Instead of working at the kitchen table with soft music playing, I parked myself on the couch.
With the television on...Dance Moms to be exact.
I wanted to have hear other raging anger.
And I got back to work.
Rewriting those dang essay questions...AND SAVING THEM THIS TIME!
With the dog by my side now.

This school had better hire me.

xoxo, wife.

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  1. What a day you had, but so happy for your determination. Keep up the good work. Love Ya!