Sunday, April 27, 2014

she obviously doesn't know me very well.

Another weekend coming to a close.
This one was pretty much a waste.
I'm sick and basically laid on the couch the majority of the time.
This little lady joined me after I brought her home from the groomer.

Anyways, I thought I'd share this little gem. I found it on my desk at the end of the day on Friday while I was packing up:

"My teacher's name is Mrs. Miller. She is the most best teacher ever. Mrs. Miller likes vegetables so she can be healthy and grow muscles in the lunch room. And she is nice to me. I know she flips cards to yellow and blue, and orange and red. But that's ok. You can not fuss. You can try again. The end."

Things I love about this little story: The fact that she thinks I like vegetables...she obviously doesn't know me very well. The way she spelled vegetables- vegethebulls. The fact that she left this on my desk at the end of a lonnnnng week. The fact that she was 4 years old at the beginning of the year and could barely write her name. And that she is one of the few who understands our card flip behavior system and doesn't feel the need to kick walls when her card is flipped...she knows you can "chrie" again.

Two more things before I go...
Look who popped up on my Pandora today?

I went to high school with Zach! We were dance partners in musicals in high school and used to hang out quite a bit after Friday night football games. This is from his first album, and he's currently working on his second. I remember him playing piano and singing to us girls in high it's pretty crazy to see him show up on my Pandora! Check him out if you like country.

We also got a new little nephew this week, Silas James. We're heading down this next weekend to meet him, and I can't wait! Just look how proud Caleb is of him...I melt!

Until next time.
xoxo, wife.

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  1. Sorry you were sick all weekend. Always nice to see at least one child
    that can get with the program. Keep up the good work.