Saturday, May 10, 2014

family time.

Last weekend we went down to meet our new nephew, Silas.
I suppose it's about time that I upload some pictures of that event, huh?
Better late than never...that's my motto.

This baby is so mellow. He barely made a peep the entire weekend. 

Can't handle his cuteness. I was smitten within 30 seconds.

Seems like just yesterday we were holding this little newborn. And now she's carting around a baby of her own.

We also got a chance to watch Caleb play some baseball. And I'm not biased or anything, but he was clearly one of the best kids on the team. (And one of the only ones who could actually hit the ball!)

I love watching my hubby interact with these kiddos. It gives me a glimpse of what kind of Daddy he'll be one day. 

We took a walk down the country road for about 3 minutes until the bugs ate us alive. We turned around at one point and say my brother-in-law and Lydia sitting in the middle of the dang road. My sister-in-law wasn't too thrilled about this new thing Daddy taught his 2 year old.

 Before we headed home, we went out to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday and spend a bit more time with these sweet kiddos. We love being with them and really wish they lived closer. 

Can't wait to see them when they bring baby Silas up here in a few weeks for Memorial Day weekend!

xoxo, auntie.

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