Thursday, May 22, 2014

reason #326 why i love my husband.

This year I got a new teaching partner who teaches the other kindergarten class at my school.
The relationship is rough.
I had originally typed up some details...but decided details aren't necessary.
We don't like each other.
And that's that.

We're gearing up for our Kindergarten Graduation and play in a couple weeks.
Not only is my teaching partner taking off the entire last week of school (except the 60 minutes of actual graduation, which means I have to do all the graduation prep by myself), she also refused to shop with me for costume supplies. The shopping trip is a big ordeal and in the five years that we've done this play, the kindergarten teachers shop TOGETHER every year for all the materials.
But she wouldn't do it.
She insisted that we split the money and split the shopping list and just do it separately.
After awhile of trying to convince her otherwise, I gave up.
There are 11 days left of school and I'm officially done trying with this girl
I told her that it was stupid to split the money and the lists, and that I'd just do all the shopping myself, and that I'd put her in charge of making examples of some of the costumes and getting snacks for the parents who volunteer to help us make costumes.

Anyway, when I told Ty about all this he thought it was ridiculous and offered to come with me and help out. (He's heard about all the issues throughout the year and is just about as fed up as I am!)
And I was incredibly grateful to have him there.

He helped me calculate totals, put funny foam pieces on his head to make me laugh, made fun of me when I was wrong about what size glue gun sticks to get, celebrated with me when I was under my budget, and even bought me some new paint!
All in all, we had way more fun together than I ever would have had with my teaching partner.
And that's reason #326 why I love my husband.
He's a keeper, I tell ya!

xoxo, wife.

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  1. That was so sweet and thoughtful of Ty, You're right he is a keeper.