Tuesday, August 19, 2014

i spent saturday morning...

Digging in boxes of other people's throw-aways.

Well...kind of. I went to the annual Teacher Book Sale at Better World Books. You could pack a whole box of books for $10. I didn't think I'd be there that long...so I decided to get there early so I could go right in when they opened.

There was a line. That's when I should've known it would be crazy.

So when they officially opened, you grabbed your box and headed in to look through the books. Now, these boxes were chest-high at least. And they were filled to the top with all kinds of books. Not sorted in any way. So you really had to dig. People were ruthless.

I took this picture right when I was leaving. FOUR HOURS after I'd gotten there. I'm not entirely sure why I thought it was necessary to stand in the hot, humid sun for 4 hours digging through boxes of dusty books with nothing in my stomach. By the time I decided it was time to leave, I was shaky and sweaty and so thirsty! But I'm a book nerd so it was worth it. I got 3 boxes full of great books for my classroom. I brought them all inside and got them labeled. I got some really good stuff, considering these are books that people donate. I'm definitely going to go again next year. But I'll bring water. And eat a little something before I go. 

Oh and I'll bring back-up. The teachers that had husbands or moms with them were able to tag-team (and had some muscle to carry the boxes around!)

xoxo, wife.


  1. I will go next time! I love doing stuff like that!

  2. It sounds like a miserable day but a very fruitful day also.