Wednesday, August 27, 2014

what would you do?

It's 1:05pm. You're in the middle of a math lesson. It's going really well and the kids are engaged. Suddenly...

"Ewww! Mrs. Miller...she's bleeding. Her nose is a lot!

You quickly send the bloody child to the nurse and try to get back on with the lesson before you lose the kids. Then you hear, "Oh yuck...she dripped blood on the rug!" And of course she dripped that blood right on the nice WHITE flower on my beautiful rug.

Do you:

A. Continue on with the lesson (while silently cursing the student of course). You can always call the janitors after school to take care of it. You wouldn't want to ruin the good flow you've got going just because of a few drops of blood.

B. Call the janitor ASAP. You just sat through an entire Blood-Born Pathogens presentation and wouldn't want to get in trouble with administration (not to mention OSHA) because you left bodily fluids out in the open. Surely the janitor can quickly spot-treat it and be out of your way.

C. Gather the children in a circle on the rug and mourn the pretty white flower. You teach them that if they bleed, vomit, or urinate in the classroom, it must NOT be on a white part of the rug. Or on the rug at all, for that matter.

Well I chose B. I called the janitor and asked him to come clean it. He came in and looked at the blood, and said he'd be back. (Interruption #1.) He was gone about 5 minutes and when he came back, he said that he had to take my ENTIRE rug out of the room. Apparently they didn't have some kind of blood remover at the school...they had to order it. And in the meantime, the blood couldn't be in the room with the kids. So he had to roll up the whole thing and take it with him. Now mind you, my room is small. So I have STUFF like furniture sitting on this rug. So I had to stop my lesson (Interruption #2) and move a bunch of furniture, so I could then help the janitor roll up my rug and haul it out.

By now you can pretty much guess that my lesson was not going so smoothly anymore and that the kids were peppering me with questions about the rug and why that man was taking it. I explained that they had to get it cleaned because there was blood on it. We talked about why we don't want to touch other people's blood and blah blah blah. Math lesson-over.

And literally TEN minutes after this incredibly lengthy discussion about the dang rug, one of my students (a very spacey student, indeed) says, "Wait...what happened to our rug? Where'd it go?"

And now 3 days later, I'm still without my rug. Apparently they're in the process of making sure it's cleaned for me and that no one will get an infectious disease from it. But you better believe I'm making a formal complaint if I don't have it back tomorrow. And if they ruin it, they're buying me a new one!

xoxo, mrs. miller.


  1. Is this your round about way of telling me that the rug we bought for you got ruined?? Darn kids!!! :)

    1. They'll clean it. And I know from the past that if maintenance ruins a rug, the school buys a new one :) I'm not overly worried about it...but I want it back now! The kids are having a hard time remembering where they sit!

  2. Yeah, how dare that kid bleed on our rug!! You stick to your guns and get your rug back.