Friday, August 8, 2014

oh a-hiking we will go

Wahhhhhhh. Today is the last day of summer vacation. It was blissful while it lasted. I'm ready to get back into a routine and feel a little more useful than I've felt the last 9 weeks...but it's so much more fun to make money while being lazy at home than working 50+ hours a week. But I digress.

So in order to check another item off my summer to-do list (which did NOT get finished by the way), Ty suggested that we go hiking today. So we got up and headed out to Potato Creek State Park. I will now include about a million you may now leave if you'd like. But I hope you'll stay and look.

Ty told me I got to pick the trail we took. I picked #4 (Moderate.) It was the longest and the most scenic. It also said we'd go past a couple old farm steads.

There's a nice, peaceful cemetery right at the beginning of Trail 4. 

I laughed out loud at this. The tree was growing around the railing of this lookout. It looked like the tree was eating it, so when I saw that someone had written this, I thought it was hilarious!

This was Tylan all day...taking pictures.

He was in his happy place: nature.

I've always wanted our names carved in a tree. 

(Although I'm not quite sure why he put TM instead of Ty. I think he was afraid of getting in trouble.)

Ty found a crane at the top of this tree.

We found an old spring house.

 If you can't be silly, then what can you be?

Turns out, I'm not too great at using the new fancy camera. It took me a good 3 minutes to snap this picture. 

Water spiders...gross!

Can you spot the baby toad?

Ty was amazed at the acorns. Something about how it's way too early for acorns to be falling or something of that nature.

And then 2 and a half miles later, we were back where we started.

We drove around the park awhile and then headed to lunch.

If you're still here, congratulations...that was a lot of pictures. But I had to preserve this perfect last day of summer. It was a great day...thanks for taking a day off from work and hanging out with me Ty! I love you!

xoxo, wife.


  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day and so glad that you and Ty could do this together. Here's hoping for
    many more days like this one.

  2. In regards to the chomping was funny, but who carries a Sharpie with them on a hike??