Friday, June 17, 2011

Ty & Lisa's Couples Bucket List

How did the Hubs and I spend our Friday night tonight? We made a Bucket List of all the things we'd like to do as a couple before we die.

Let me share with you all what we put on our list:

1. Run a 5K...or possibly a 10K.
2. Go on a hiking/camping trip.
3. Take our kids on a camping trip out west.
4. Go to a Packers game at home.
5. Attend an Olympic Games.
6. Go on a Mission Trip.
7. Visit Niagra Falls.
8. Take a trip to New England.
9. Donate a year's Christmas Present money to a worthy cause.
10. Build a pond in our backyard.
11. Write a children's book.
12. Renew our vows on our 10th anniversary.
13. Take a carriage ride.
14. Go on a motorcycle trip.
15. Travel Europe.
16. Carve our names in a tree at the park.
17. Host a foreign exchange student.
18. Visit all 50 states.
19. Get matching tattoos.
20. Go parasailing.
21. Own a hot tub.
22. Make snow angels on a golf course green.
23. Host a big party.
24. Visit a Bed & Breakfast along a lakeshore.
25. Drive 150 MPH.
26. Fly first class.
27. Make a difference in a child's life (that's not OUR child.)
28. Go skinny-dipping.
29. Buy a stranger's dinner.
30. Take family photos on the beach.
31. Take a trip with no destination.
32. See a Broadway show.
33. Watch the sunset from a boat.
34. Cut down a REAL tree for Christmas.
35. Say "I love you" every day until we die. (Ty said that we'll have to have our kids cross this one off the list for us after we pass away.)

We wrote it all out and we're going to frame it, and cross the things off the list as we go. It was so fun to sit down with my hubs and plan out some of the most important things we'd like to do together before we die. I suggest that all newly married couples do this. I'm definitely looking forward to checking things off this list with him. (Especially the expensive things like traveling Europe...that one was MY idea!)

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