Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our First "Together" Project

In trying to beautify the outside of our house, Ty and I recently decided to tackle our first ever landscaping project together. This is also the first real project we've done together since we've been married. And we did it completely on our own! We researched online and found some pictures of what we'd like it to look like, went to Lowe's and got our materials, got our plants and rocks, and went to town. It took about 8 hours and a thunderstorm (who says a thunder, lightning, and pouring rain are reasons to stop working?), but we finally accomplished it! And we think it looks pretty good...if we do say so ourselves! And the best part is: we didn't even have the SLIGHTEST little argument the whole time!

**If you'd like to hire us to do something in YOUR yard, please refrain from doing so. We have a whole backyard to do, which will likely be followed up on in later posts.

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