Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well...THAT Didn't Go According to Plan

After a year of marriage and cohabitating, Ty and I finally bought a grill over the weekend. They told us they would assemble it for free (our favorite number!) so we told them we'd pick it up Monday night. We planned on going Putt Putt after, and I was worried that someone would steal it out of the back of his truck, so we opted to take my Sorento (which has always been large enough to haul big things.)

But lo and behold, the dang thing wouldn't fit! So I had to run home and trade vehicles, while the hubs was left in the parking lot with our new purchase. Lowe's is only about 15 minutes from our house, but I got caught by every red light, Old Woman with 50 Dogs in Car Going 20 mph, then Old Man With No Motivation to Drive the Speed Limit. I finally got home, switched cars, and THEN, got caught by a stinking train! Needless to say, by the time I returned to Lowe's, this was my poor hubs:

So we loaded it up and made the short trek to the Putt Putt place. We were greeted by a sign on the door that said the Putt Putt course was closed for the evening. It was only 8:30! Still plenty of daylight to get a round in...but whatever. So we left, bummed, and headed home. Then the hubs came up with a FANTASTIC detour.

We stopped for cones (banana dipped in chocolate for me, peanut butter dipped in chocolate for Ty.) As typical of a small-town ice cream joint, you place your order, then wait for it to be made. Well clearly, Big Bald Bearded Man a few people behind us, didn't get the hint. While he was ordering, they called out my banana cone, and he took it! And gave it to his daughter! WHAT?! I went and mentioned the incident, and they had to make me another one. Then they called out Ty's cone...and Guess What? Big Bald Bearded Man attempted to take his too! But my hubs put him in his place and announced, "Hey, that's mine!" Ugh. We finally got our cones, walked across the street to the park and ate them (while Big Bald Bearded Man shot us dirty looks a few times.)

Clearly, Monday night didn't go according to plan. But it was still an adventure, as always :)

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