Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i kinda threw a fit tonight...

Ok...maybe not QUITE as bad as her. But Ty would probably argue that it was close.

See, recently I've become obsessed interested in nail polish and doing my nails constantly. Because of this new addiction hobby, I've recently acquired a lot of new polishes and supplies. Now, a girl needs somewhere to put all her polishes, right? I recently saw a blog post about a three-drawer shelf from Michael's that would be PERFECT for all my new supplies. I've been begging Ty to come with me to get it, and he finally told me that we'd meet after he got off work to go get it, and then grab some dinner.

Once we got home, I immediately started unpacking my new drawers. Now, clearly I knew that some assembly was required, but I soon realized that this was not a project I could handle alone. The directions seemed to be in latin, and there were about eleventy million screws and thingies. I immediately started yelling, "HELP! HELP! I can't do this, its too hard!" (Which Hubby told me later was NOT a polite way to ask for help.) As he handed me a screwdriver,Ty told me that he'd help me, but he wouldn't do it for me.

Well, that was when my stubborness kicked in. For some reason, I was incredibly offended that he wasn't going to build the whole dang thing for me, even though I never actually asked him, I'd merely demanded insisted whatever. I then refused ALL help he was willing to give, even after he saw I was struggling and offered several times. After about an hour of trying my darndest to put this thing together, I finally threw my fit (apparently spending all my time with kindergarteners is beginning to rub off on me.) I started yelling, and tossing my unfinished shelf pieces and screwdrivers all over the place in a fit of rage. Then, instead of asking for help, like a normal, adult person would do, I decided to UNSCREW my whole hour's worth of work and put it all back in the box, damaging my new drawers in the process. I was over it, and apparently thought I would teach these drawers a lesson my undoing all my hard work. Yeah...guess I told THEM!

I then proceeded to lay on the couch and pout until Ty came over and helped cheer me up. Although, I have no clue why. If I were him, I would've left me there all night...Miss Pouty Pouterson. In retrospect, I am incredibly embarrassed that I acted like a little girl. Especially over something as silly as a drawer to hold my nail polish. I mean, seriously.If I would have just swallowed my pride and asked for help, (or have just been polite enough to ask nicely to begin with,) I might have a fully functional drawer with polishes in it right now.

My 5 year-old students teach me a lot...but throwing tantrums is NOT a lesson I'd like to remember from them in the future. Sorry Ty.

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