Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well its that time of year again. I typically don't make resolutions, because I'm just like the other 6 billion people out there that are all gung ho the first 2 days hours, and then settle back into my same old routine, because that's what's comfortable.

This year, I decided to actually try and stick to a resolution. At first I thought I'd go with the whole "lose weight" thing, but that's so over-done. I had to come up with something that was more unique. So here it is, my 2012 New Year's Resolution: eat healthier.


I know...this mac and cheese, pizza, and brownie loving girl is going to make an attempt to eat healthier throughout this coming year. Now, not EVERYTHING I eat has to be healthy (I mean, let's not get carried away here!) but I can make an effort to make veggies with our dinners more often, or make chicken instead of pasta (my weakness.) We'll see how it goes. Ty's pretty pumped about it though, because he's always trying to get me to eat healthier.

And I'm sure you're wondering what my husband's 2012 resolution is. When I asked him, this was his exact response: "To shoot 2 trophy bucks." To which I sarcastically replied, "That's your resolution?" So then he said his "other" resolution would be to get everything done outside the house that needs done this year. Which means a shed, fence, stain deck, etc. But clearly, the first resolution was more "Ty." So we'll go with that one.

What's your 2012 resolution?

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