Monday, January 2, 2012

hockey pucks and funny hats

To celebrate New Year's Eve, we went with Ty's family to enjoy a hockey game about 2 hours away. Ty loves hockey and used to go to games a lot when he was younger, but this was my first time, so I didn't really know what to expect. It was pretty fun!

We even got to a penguin, cow, tomato, and eagle make a pyramid on the ice...not something you get to see every day!

My nephew, Caleb also chose to wear a super-awesome hat for the festivities. (On the way to the game, I asked Ty if 24 was too old to wear animal hats. He said no, and I felt a little better. Upon arriving at the game, and seeing my 5 YEAR OLD NEPHEW wearing a similar hat, I determined that yes, I am too old for the hat...but that doesn't mean I'll stop wearing it :)  )

Ty enjoyed a nice beverage (water, because he's had some tummy troubles lately.)

Caleb was totally captivated by the hockey game...and probably said about 15 words the whole game. Most of those words were used to make fun of me because I can't whistle. "Lisa, you're the first people I EVER met that can't whistle!" Whatev. I embrace it.

Since we were a couple hours from home, we didn't make it home in time to see the ball drop. We were about 10 minutes from home as I watched the clock on Ty's phone tick over to midnight. But guess what? He still leaned over while he was driving to give me a kiss. Love him :)

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