Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Husband,

Remember that one time I almost died?
You know...last weekend when I was so sick I thought I'd never walk again?
That time I had a 103.5 fever.
That time you kept putting ice cold cloths on my head to get that high temp down.
That time you got me apple juice every time I asked for it.
That time you got up at 3am to get a hot bath ready because I was shaking so bad.
That time you stayed home from a squirrel hunting trip just so you could keep an eye on me.
That time you brought your heater up from the basement and put it in the bedroom next to the bed because I was so cold.
That time you brought me water at 2am when I was throwing up...and then told me that I made the bathroom stink :)
That time you picked up the slack with all the housework because I literally couldn't get off the couch.
That time you made a special trip to get slow churned ice cream because it was the only thing that sounded good.
That time you kissed my forehead to make me feel better.
That time you took this picture...that I seriously regret putting on the internet for everyone to see.

That time you brought me extra blankets when I was cold, and didn't even complain when I threw them on the floor two minutes later when I was sweating.
That time when you were an amazing husband who showed me how much you love sickness and in health.
Yeah, you remember that?
Me too.
And thank you :)

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  1. Hey babe I love you...which is why I'm going to look like this: (my new blog post!)