Tuesday, January 10, 2012

does that annoy you?

I teach kindergarten.
As I've mentioned before, I unintentionally pick up some of their bad habits.
Lately, my students have been making the most bizarre noises while they're working.
It'll be quiet one minute, and the next, I can hear a symphony of crazy noises that don't even sound like they can come from human beings.
The bad thing is, I typically can't figure out who it is, because they've mastered the art of making these noises with their dang mouths closed.


A little bit ago, I was on Pinterest (my obsession). Not quite Unconsciously, I began making noises.
Not QUITE as annoying as the kinders, but probably pretty close.
Apparently, this can definitely mess up a man who is trudging through his second season on Madden 2012.
He was annoyed.
Probably just as annoyed as I am at the kids when I hear them doing it.
I suppose the difference is that I'm 19 years older than them.

But I  went ahead and stooped to a 5 year old level anyway.
The more annoyed he seemed to get, the more noise I made.
Hee Hee!

Then, when I couldn't think of anything to blog about, he suggested in an annoyed tone that maybe I should write about being annoying.
So I did.
Hope you enjoyed :)

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