Monday, January 2, 2012

the last day of break.

Well, here it is.
My last day of Christmas break.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job...and have been seriously missing my kinders.
But, I'm not gonna lie, it'd be nice to have one two more weeks.
And how will I be spending my last day, you ask?
Laundry. Lesson plans. Blogging.
Nothing super fun or exciting. Just a quiet day at home, before the quiet ends for me until the weekend. 

Yesterday was fun though. We had our Christmas with Ty's family. We went over after church and hung out until after midnight opening presents, eating, playing dirty bingo, eating, playing games, taking family phots and eating some more. Here are some of the highlights.

Nephew was eager to open presents as soon as Ty and I walked in the door!

Family Photo: Ty, Me, Mother-in-Law, Nephew, Father-in-Law, Grandma-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Brother-in-Law.

Ty and I with our favorite little buddy :)

The joke of the night was "tebowing." The boys thought they had to "tebow" after every correct answer in a game we played. It got slightly incredibly ridiculous. They even got Nephew doing it!

Little man got some "Angry Birds" time on my new Kindle. I showed him a couple things, but to be completely honest, the kid is WAY better than I'll ever be at the game. He's 5...he's hardly ever played before. Oh well.

Anyway, it was a good end to our Christmas celebrations.
And to my break.
 Now, the countdown to summer vacation begins :)


  1. I teach 4th grade, and we go back to school on Wednesday. I'm so sad to see break end. I think I disconnected from school so much, I can't even wrap my head around going back, ha! Happy new year!

  2. I know what you mean!You assume that you'll take the break to relax and get rejuvenated and ready to go again, but when the time actually comes, you don't feel rejuvenated at all!

    Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you're enjoying it!