Friday, January 13, 2012

Dear Husband,

I'm feeling a little guilty right now.
I'm sitting here on the couch, snuggled up inside our warm house, watching you shovel our driveway.
Its getting dark, and you've been out there awhile.
I can tell that the snow is heavy.
I've seen you kick the shovel a few times.
I think I might have seen you swearing at the snow.
And I'm in the house.

Now I feel even MORE guilty, because I don't feel QUITE guilty enough to get off my butt and go outside to help.
But I do want you to know that I appreciate that you're shoveling the driveway in the -130 degree temps.
I appreciate the fact that you always let me park in the garage, so I don't have to clean my car off, and you park outside, and have to deal with scraping every time it snows.
I appreciate that you got up early this morning after the snow storm last night to make sure all the fluid levels in my car were good before I left for work.
I appreciate the fact that you wanted me to text you when I got to work so you would know I was safe.

I love you. And I think you're pretty awesome.
I think I'll go make you a hot cup of coffee now for when you come in.

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