Friday, January 6, 2012

fancy feast.

It was a special night for the pets at our house tonight.
Normally, Abby and Bubba eat plain old dry food. Blah.
And Abby is allergic to almost everything, so the poor thing has to eat the most bland, organic soy stuff known to man.  Double Blah.

But when Ty was picking up more dog food the other night, he noticed that Abby's all natural brand made a canned food too. So he bought a can for her, and a soft cat food for Bubba.

This was an extremely rare treat in our house, so I decided to document the process.

First there was the anticipation as the food was put in a dish.

Then there was the meal.

Pay no attention to the nasty water-like substance at the bottom of the dish. Bubba didn't mind. Also, pay no attention to the dirty floor. Apparently taking pictures of the kitchen floor makes you realize you need to mop.
This is the only picture of Bubba throughout the process. He's such a slow and polite was pretty boring. This is what he looked like the whole time until he decided he was finished for now and walked away to flop on the floor and relax after such a strenuous meal.

Then there was the frustration as Abby managed to get her bowl into an uncomforatble space.

But she persevered.

Finally there was, of course, the 15 minute licking-of-the-mouth that always follows these events. What I couldn't capture in a picture for you was the dinosaur-like belch that came out of her tiny body the instant she was finished. I'm sure you're sorry to miss that one.

Now they are both napping peacefully with their full bellies.
And I just wrote a whole post about canned pet food.

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  1. I am a new follower to your blog! I have a pup too that looks like yours! She gets a little extra treat in her hard food every day! I love the pictures.

    Have a great day,