Tuesday, January 3, 2012

snow day.

I know I posted yesterday about how some more time off school would be nice.
But I ended up doing a lot of work, and ended up getting back in the swing of things, and was really ready to get back.
It snowed a bunch the last couple days, so I got up extra early to give myself some extra time on the roads.
I got up, showered, dressed, did hair and makeup, packed my lunch, and busted out the snow boots.
I was on my way out the door, when a coworker gave me the heads up:
Snow day. No school today.
WHAT? Aren't we supposed to get a call BEFORE we get out of bed?
GRRR...(not that I'm complaining.)

So now I have one more day of Christmas Break. And how will I spend it you ask?
I believe these guys pretty much sum it up:

Oh, ok.
Maybe I'll do a little extra work to get ahead, too.

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