Sunday, March 18, 2012

i bet i'm the only person on earth...

...who could manage to get a sunburn in March.
It was just too nice out to sit around inside all day, so I took my Kindle outside to our deck to relax in the sun and read a good book.
I figured that, it still being March and all, the sun was still too far away from North America for any serious UV rays to come down and zap me.
I was wrong.
Exhibit A:

I leared a valuable lesson today.
Apparently, you can get a sunburn at any time of year.
It's just normally not nice enough outside in March (it's technically still winter for the next few days) to sit around outside wearing capris.
I now also have my first tan line of the year thanks to those capris.

And in other news...this was the view from outside my front window a little while ago:

Yes, those are horses.
Just meandering down my somewhat busy road on a Sunday evening.
I tell ya...March just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

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  1. You didn't say anything about the sunburn on the phone? Wish I could have been there to tease ya!