Saturday, March 31, 2012

friday night date night

We typically do something on Friday nights.
Sometimes its something totally awesome, and sometimes its just curling up on the couch and watching a Redbox movie.
Last night, Friday night date night took us on one of our most romantic adventures yet:

Makes my heart melt just thinking about it.
Okay, maybe not.

Anyway, since the weather's getting warmer, Ty and I are starting to think about all the outdoor projects we want to get done in the yard this year.
The main things on our list are:
1. Get a shed.
2. Tear down our ugly chain-link fence and put up a nicer, wooden one.
3. Stain our decks.
4. Get a pergola for over our patio.

So we headed to Ty's idea of the "perfect date location" to start preparing our minds for what all of this will cost us. This is the shed we picked out...and we didn't even argue about it! We both totally agreed that this was the perfect choice.

And clearly, Ty missed his calling as a shed model.

We also picked out the fencing we want, and have someone coming out to give us a quote.
AND...we picked out the pergola we want. We're well on our way to getting our yard the way we want it.

It was more fun than I had initially thought it would be.
But I hope that Friday Night Date Night doesn't take us back to Lowe's for awhile.

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