Sunday, April 1, 2012

sunday adventure

Today was supposed to be filled with yardwork for Ty...
and lesson planning, grocery shopping, and laundry for me.
That didn't sound like too much fun.
So on my way home from the grocery store, I quickly developed some alternative plans.
I proposed the plan to Ty, and he agreed.
Our mission?
Explore the creek 3 minutes from our house.
With doggy, of course.

Abby was trying to fish on the log with her daddy.

Never too far from a train around these parts...

Just thought this was cool...I promise I'm not affiliated with any kind of gang.
I also apologize if this happens to mean anything offensive...I can't read graffiti.


We had a really good time, although I was told by Ty that I apparently need to get out in the woods a little more, because I thought that a bunch of vines by a tree was a teepee. It really did look like one.
Our adventrure was definitely better than yardwork and lesson plans.
And yes, doggy had a blast as well.
Now, as Ty and I get back to our regularly scheduled Sunday plans, she is napping off all the excitement.

Happy Sunday.

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