Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Over the years, I've been pained given the opportunity to learn so much about this guy.
And one of the things I've learned, is that there are certain things he says that have different, or hidden meanings. The following is just a little snippet of some of the "Ty-isms" I've figured out.

"I'm gonna watch the game." = "I won't be listening to a word you say for the next 4 quarters."

"I'm checking Facebook." = "I'm checking Facebook, but then I'm going to spend hours on hunting websites too."

"I'm completely out of underwear." = "I still have plenty of underwear, but I'm out of my favorite kind."

"That's my sweat towel from working out last night." = "I wouldn't touch that thing if I were'll still be wet for 48 hours."

"Can I use your Kindle real quick?" = "I secretly not so secretly want my own Kindle, so I figure if I bug you enough about yours, I'll be able to get my own."

"I don't care if you spend some of our money on new work clothes." = "I better get a peek at that receipt so that I can spend an equal amount on hunting/fishing gear. That's actually the only reason I'm allowing you to buy clothes anyway."

"I think I'll have asparagus with my dinner tonight." = "In 20 minutes, the house will reak and so will my pee."

"Today I'm gonna clean up my pile of stuff off the island." = "You should probably get used to the fact that my pile will actually be there weeks."

I could go on and on, but I'll save that for another time. Meanwhile, we're off to meet our brand-new baby niece tomorrow night. And I'll probably pick up on a few more "Ty-isms" along the way :)

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  1. I resent....wait ressemble that :D Love ya babe!