Tuesday, April 17, 2012

quick little letters

Dear Kindergarteners,

Thank you for making me smile yet again today. Its amazing how quickly you guys have learned to read, and seeing your little faces light up after you read an entire book to me is one of the most rewarding experiences I can imagine! Keep it up!

Dear Ty,
In case you were wondering, all of that hair is STILL in your bathroom sink. And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

Dear Bubba,

I didn’t appreciate it when you threw up on the carpet a few minutes ago, and I'm sure Ty didn't either, because he's the one who cleaned it up. From now on, please chew your food completely before you swallow, and maybe that won’t happen.

Dear Paycheck,
Please deposit yourself into our bank account so I can go spend you.

Dear Witch Lady In Line at the Grocery Store,
I had a VERY hard time not yelling at you for the way you were speaking to your 9 year old daughter in line. She wasn’t doing anything wrong, yet you continued to degrade her over and over the entire time we were in line. None of the things I wanted to say to you were very Christian-like, so lucky for you, I decided to keep them in my head.

Dear House,
It would be nice if you could keep yourself clean without me having to help.

Dear Dad,

I taught my students how to tell time to the half-hour today. Through my modeling of that concept, they were able to figure out how to tell time all the way around the clock. It was an extremely proud moment. Despite what you may think, I CAN tell time, and was able to successfully pass that skill set down to the next generation. Booyah.

Dear Fruit,
Get in my belly now. K, thanks.

Love, Lisa

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