Sunday, April 15, 2012

weekend recap

This weekend consisted of the following:

Friday evening: Showing off my new pedicure to anyone who was interested in looking and waiting on the deck with Abby to greet the hubs when he got home from work.

Dinner, Bible Study, and hanging out with some other young married couples from church. Another couple with no kids joined our group, so now Ty and I aren’t the youngest anymore!

Saturday: Ty went and worked in his parents’ woods with his dad planting trees, while I enjoyed some last minute relaxation before Spring Break officially ends.

Ty’s uncle was turning 50 this weekend, so we went to a party at their house. They live out in the middle of nowhere, so I was excited to point out all the cows, sheep, and horses on the way. Ty was apparently thrilled as well. . . can't you tell? 

We had good food, good conversation, and a bonfire. I also got some good quality time with his aunt Kimi, who I love hanging out with! She and I talked a ton about traveling, which is something Ty and I hope to be able to do before starting a family.

Sunday: Went to church, did some laundry, and tried to get back into “school mode.” I’ve missed my little boogers over Spring Break, so I’m actually excited to head back to work tomorrow. We’re learning about insects right now, and I wanted to make a diagram of the parts of an insect this afternoon. Bubba thought he needed to help. Thanks Bubs.

All in all, it was a great weekend, and a very {relaxing} Spring Break!

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