Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Great Fence Debacle

I mentioned awhile back that we planned on doing several things to our yard this summer.

One of those things is putting up a new fence. Possibly like this one:

The “Fence Man” came this evening to give us a quote.

We had already kind of picked out a design we liked, so the “Fence Man” quoted us a price that included removal of the ugly chain-link fence we have now, removal of all the bushes that are in the way of the fence installation, labor and materials.

Let’s just say, that quote was about a bajillion more dollars that I had ever dreamed it would be.

Since we clearly didn't want to have to sell any organs in order to finance this project, “Fence Man” gave us several cheaper still way expensinve options, and I was pretty much still picking my jaw up off the floor as he was leaving.

Ty and I talked about it, and spoke with my dad, and we all agreed that the price he gave us was just WAY too high, and that we’d be crazy to go with them.

After much discussion, I think that we’re (gasp) just going to attempt to do it ourselves.

-I say “ourselves,” but really, how much of this do I actually see myself being useful at?

Anyway, this means we (meaning Ty and our fathers, thanks guys!) have to tear down the old fence and bushes, dig the holes, cement the fence posts, and put up the fence panels, which are hopefully pre-stained, because if not, that's one more thing to add to our labor list.


But it will most likely cut the cost of what the “Fence Man” quoted us in half, maybe more.

So if you’re local and would like to lend us your husband, your children, your spare bobcat, or your money, just hit me up. O

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