Thursday, April 19, 2012

his and hers: 10 places you'd love to travel to

As I’ve said before, Ty and I would love to do some traveling before we settle down and start a family. So I thought this would be a cool topic for “His and Hers” today. Not saying that we’d ever have the means to go to many (or even ANY) of these places, but in a perfect world this is where we’d like to go.

  1. Boundary Waters (a wilderness place located between Minnesota and Canada with some of the best fishing in north America)
  2. Gettysburg
  3. Lambeau Field (preferably for a game)
  4. Texas or Illinois (to hunt whitetails)
  5. Elk hunting out west
  6. Hawaii
  7. Greece
  8. Ireland
  9. Canada (for a fishing trip)
  10. Israel

    1. Italy
    2. Greece (specifically Santorini)
    3. Austrailia (If I could handle that long of a flight)
    4. Ireland
    5. London
    6. Paris
    7. Egypt (in a time of less chaos, of course)
    8. New York City
    9. The Bahamas
    10. Some kind of cruise to the Carribean

Thankfully, at least a couple of these match up, so we won't have a knock-out battle if we actually get to travel somewhere. But I think I'll pass on some of the hunting/fishing type trips my hubby would like to take. Sorry hun.

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