Friday, April 13, 2012

friday night date night, circa 2007

No Friday Night Date Night for us tonight.

Instead, we’re heading to our monthly small group Bible study with some other young married couples from church, and then game night!

So instead of Friday Night Date Night, I thought I’d tell everyone about a date we went on in the beginning of our relationship.

Well, it wasn’t a “go-out” kind of date, it was a “hang out at his parents’ house and then go for a walk” kind of a date. . . which are actually my favorite kind, even today.

So, we’d hung out at the house for awhile, just chilling and being goofy.

Then Ty says, “Let’s go on a walk.” He lived out in the country, and I’d had like NO experience in the country, so I was excited. We walked to this parkish, fieldish place, with this huge wooden tower overlooking the. . . empty vastness.

We climbed the steps all the way to the top, and I was picturing that it would be very romantic when we reached the top.

But alas:

When we finally did reach the top, and I mentioned how pretty it was, what did Ty say?

“Yeah. . .like 3 people have committed suicide up here.”

Mood killed.


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