Thursday, April 26, 2012

his and hers: 10 pet peeves

1.    People who leave the empty toilet paper roll on the thing.

  1. Bad parkers…this is a big one.
  2. “Yo-yo drivers:” Those who don’t know how to drive a consistent speed.
  3. People who think they’re entitled to things.
  4. Obnoxious, stupid cell phone ringtones that go off in public.
  5. When you enter a seemingly empty elevator, and lo and behold, someone’s been hiding in the corner! Then they proceed to look at you like you’re invading their space when you get on.
  6. Flat-billed hats.
  7. The “cool” untied shoes.
  8. Male skinny jeans.
  9. Pessimists.

  1. Shopping carts with a broken wheel. Also a wobbly table. Maybe this counts as two separate ones, but I’m lumping them together.
  2. Parents who bring their YOUNG kids to R-rated movies at like 11:00pm.
  3. People who say, “I know, right?” I hate that expression. Its dumb.
  4. When I can’t find a match for a sock when folding the laundry. Hence the huge sock pile that has accumulated on top of our dryer full of socks with no mate.
  5. When people rub their hands or feet on the carpet. I know that’s weird, but I get beyond creeped out by the sound it makes, and I can almost feel the sensation of it. Gives me the heebie jeebies. I hate it. Please don’t do it around me.
  6. Parents who give their kids weird names.
  7. Being told to “Please pull forward. . . we’ll bring your food out,” when I stop for fast food.
  8. When people say “supposably” instead of “supposedly.”
  9. When you try to pull a string off your shirt, but instead of breaking off, it gets longer. Dang.
  10. People who talk about sports and say “We” like they’re a part of the team.

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