Sunday, March 25, 2012

that's what i love about sundays

-Extra morning cuddles in bed before getting up.
-Going to church and worshipping with my hubby.
-Quick trips to my parents' house for a gift from Dad and a warm slice of banana bread from Mom.
-Sitting outside in the sun on a beautiful day with a good book on my Kindle.

-Lazy Sunday afternoon naps.
-Lots of smooches from my man.
-A phone call from Dad announcing that I'm in the running for winning our March Madness pool.
-Sitting in our huge chair cuddled up with Ty, Abby, and Bubba. Our tiny family all in one spot, enjoying each other's company. So glad I picked out that chair :)
-The knowledge that in a mere 7 days, we'll get to enjoy a day similar to this one.

That's what I love about Sundays.

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