Thursday, June 27, 2013

rainy days and giant post-its

Yesterday started out pretty yucky.
But I loved it.
I love rainy summer days, where I can turn off the air conditioner, open the windows, and listen to the rain falling.
Bubba loves it too.

 He laid there all morning, just begging me to let him out there.

Once the rain ended, I decided to go out and do some damage.

I headed out to Michael's and Office Max. Two stores I purposely don't go to very often because of all the money I'll spend. (I have kind of an unhealthy obsession with office supplies...) I did pretty good though, because this was all I had when I got home.

What are those giant blue things, you ask? Why, those are GIANT POST-ITS! I think I actually made an audible noise when I saw these in the store. Theses will be perfect for school. I can make lots of charts about what we're learning on them and they'll stick to the walls! I think I just died and went to sticky note heaven.

The rest of my day was spent keeping up on the housework and reading. A couple notes on those things:

Housework: I become a much better wife in the summer months. I actually keep the house very clean, and I do pretty much all of the inside stuff so that Ty doesn't have to do anything after work. He remarked the other day, "Maybe you should be a stay-at-home-wife, because this is awesome!"

Reading: I've been on summer vacation for a little less than 3 weeks. Today I'll be finishing my SEVENTH book in that time frame. I've been a reading machine, since I don't get much time to read during the school year. I typically sit down with a book after dinner, while Ty is at a sporting event or playing his video game, and I'll read until the wee hours of the morning. That's another thing. During the school year, I go to bed no later than 10:00. And it's wayyyy earlier than that at the beginning of the year. But during the summer, when I can sleep in until 8:00 or 8:30, I stay up until midnight or 1. Ty's not sure what to do with himself, because he's used to me always being the one who goes to bed first, and now it's the other way around.

Anyway, that was my day yesterday. On the menu for today...TARGET. Oh no...

xoxo, wife.

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