Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Pets

Name: Abby
Age: 6
Nicknames: Abs, Abbers, Abby Mae, Obbys, Big Girl, Baby Girl, Bebe
Favorite activities: Going for walks, camping out under the bed, eating ice cubes, cuddling with daddy, scratching her itches, wrestling, whining at people who don't pay attention to her, visiting her grandparents, waiting for humans to drop food on the ground, and sleeping.

Name: Bubba
Age: 4
Nicknames: Bubs, Bubby, Boo Boo, Bubba Boo, Big Man, Bob, Bubby Boo Boo
Favorite activities: Playing fetch, eating treats, smacking Abby, sleeping in weird positions, digging in couch cushions, darting from one room to another for no apparent reason, playing under blankets, laying by open windows, biting human feet, playing with milk rings, and being pet on his head.

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