Monday, August 26, 2013

and then we were interviewed.

Our church is heading into a campaign to build a brand new church building. It's a stressful but exciting time for our congregation. Ty and I were asked to come in and do an on-camera interview for a video about the campaign, that would educate others about what we're doing, and encourage members to get involved in it. We went in on Saturday for an hour long interview.

I've certainly never done an on-camera interview, but it was almost as awkward (or maybe even more) as a job interview. You know, like when you know what you SHOULD say, you know what you WANT to get across, but it comes out like word vomit.

Fortunately we got to do the interview together, and Ty is really good with words. I found myself talking...but not actually SAYING anything. And when I'd finish my response to the question, the interviewer would just keep looking at me, kind of like, "Ok...." I also had to take my watch off because I was talking with my hands and kept banging my watch on the table which was messing up the nice audio. After the interview, the guy wanted to get some random shots of us having a conversation with each other holding seeds that we referenced in our interview. Mega awkward. Ty and I were basically sitting on top of each other and having a conversation about soybean seeds. It was strange. I think I'm hopeless in the film world.

I'm sure it's not nearly as bad as I assume that it was. And the good thing is, we weren't the only couple that was interviewed, so if I look like a total idiot, then they'll just edit us out of the video. Sorry Ty.

If they end up putting the video up online at some point, I'll link it here for you.
Or maybe not.
It'll depend on how much of a goober I am.

But it was kind of fun. Definitely not something I do every Saturday.
And now I have a reason to prove to my Mom why I never became a news anchor like she wanted me to.

xoxo, wife.

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