Tuesday, August 27, 2013

they worked...i got in the way...

My mom has a booth where she sells furniture that she has refurbished. It's really cool and I really like the stuff she makes. She's been doing such a good job lately, that she was asked to move to a more prime location. That meant she had to come up with a larger design for the booth. Her and my dad decided to build a pergola in the booth. It was large and in charge so they needed some help. And who do you call when you need some help?

And then I tag along and get in the way while everyone works.

Unfortunately by the end of the 4 hour project, I was apparently just so exhausted from handing nails and screws to the worker bees that I was unable to snap a picture of the finished product. But I can tell you it looks good. And it's sturdy. Probably because of the screw and nail hander-outer. Without her, everyone would still be standing there holding pieces of wood together to no avail.

xoxo, wife (screw and nail hander-outer)


  1. Lisa...you did a pretty good job with the screws, but we didn't use any nails. Maybe you need to concentate a little more on the task at hand. Thanks for the help!

  2. Ummm....Yes, you did use nails.

    (I've got your back Lisa!)