Thursday, February 5, 2015

fastest delivery ever.

Perhaps someday I'll stop posting about my grant. But not yet!

I got an email yesterday before I left work saying that my LeapPads had been ordered. I got another email around 9:00 this morning saying that they'd shipped. I came back from the copy machine during my prep time around 12:15 to a giant box on my desk. I immediately screamed, and tore it open.

My LeapPads arrived 24 HOURS after my grant had been funded!

They're plugged in all over the house right now, and I'm patiently waiting for them to charge so that I can play around. I plan to get them all set up and get some apps downloaded so that I can unveil them to the kiddos on Monday. (I also have a new student starting Monday...he'll think our classroom is pretty darn cool with these LeapPads!) 

xoxo, Mrs. Miller

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  1. That was amazing that you received them so quick. Hoe the kids love them.