Monday, September 23, 2013


Well it's officially fall.
I've been looking forward to fall since the first day of school.
I figure that if I can't be outside all day enjoying the warm weather (or even LOOK at it out a window for that matter) then I don't want anyone else to either.

So I'm glad that fall is officially upon us.
And glad that we've finally gotten some fall temps lately!
The reason I love fall is because of how beautiful it is.
And n the spirit of all things fall, I thought I'd compile tall the beautiful things about fall into one post:


Fall Decor


Indian Corn




This would be super cute for an engagement or wedding shoot in fall. The couple could hold to see the rings and they could kiss in the heart!

This is what makes me want a truck and a farm when I grow up :-)

Fall leaves

Fall adventures... going to put a few on the calendar tonight! #fall #beauty #colors #leaves #foliage #walks

Happy Fall, ya'll!
xoxo, wife.

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