Wednesday, September 18, 2013

i cooked.

It's never been this way before, but suddenly the talk of the teacher's lounge is "Ooh...what did you make for dinner last night? Those leftovers look good!" What used to be discussions about naughty kids, idiot parents, and what shows we watched the night before has suddenly turned into recipe swapping madness! And I'm just like sitting on the side, munching on my peanut butter and jelly sandwich...not contributing a dang thing!

So in an effort to become more womanly, more wifely, and more respectable to my colleagues, I've tried to pick up with my cooking. I've been trying to make something big for dinner that we can have leftover for lunch for a couple days. I've done ok. I think I've been averaging about one legitimate cooking endeavor a week. The challenge is making something I (the picky eater) can tolerate and that Ty (the health nut) will eat more than three bites of. Enter Pinterest. (Did you really expect any different?)

So tonight I tried a new recipe I found. It was super easy and probably doesn't even count as cooking, but I made it anyway. I cut up some sausage, baby yukon gold potatoes, bell peppers, and onions. I threw them all on a cookie sheet, drizzled olive oil over it, and then added some salt and pepper. It smelled pretty good, and actually looked pretty good when it was done.

The problem? I don't like sausage. Or peppers. Or onions. 
And I kind of under cooked the potatoes so they were still a little crunchy. I ate about 6 or 7 bites and declared, "I don't like it. I tried it....but I don't like it." Ty ate his all up, and said it was good. So I packed the remains of mine up for him to eat for lunch tomorrow. And now I'm sitting here hungry. So this was officially a dinner fail. I will not be contributing to the lunch conversation tomorrow. 

...or maybe I will. Maybe I'll tell them my food was so good that there were NO leftovers for lunch!

xoxo, wife.